Logiciel pro et buzzers pour blind test et quiz

Name that song !!! ENJOY iZiMiX is a cool software to manage blindtest contest and quiz party...

With ENJOY iZiMiX play a fun blind test with real buzzers !

Game play and arbitration are much easier. Scoring is automatic and done with a click...

Who's singing ? Solo or team, players compete to be the first to give the artist, the title of the song, the name of the movie, the TV show, etc...

3 main games mode available : Blind-test, MCQ, QUIZ*

ENJOY iZiMiX is fully compatible with ENJOY Technology buzzers

ENJOY iZiMiX is simple and intuitive, designed for a touch screen.

How does it works ?

- 1st player who presses his buzzer takes the hand. His buzzer flashes, the others turn off and the song stops automatically.

- The MC asks him : ``who is the singer ?``... Answer is good, he scores points. If wrong, his buzzer is locked (red light).

- The MC restarts the song for other players. Their buzzers turn to green light (unlocked). And so on ... Next song!

Some functions...

Set up :

- For each team, you can edit the name and the color!

- Design your song lists and modify them at any time during the game. Mp3 files are accessible directly with 20 shortcut keys. A search mode, allows you to easily find the titles you want to play.

- Many parameters can be modified from the setting window. You can, as an example, change how many connected buzzers you need, set the color of the displayed text, the way the points are allocated, choose pictures and default sounds of the software or change the resolution for the 2nd screen...

Mood :

- When preparing your blind-test, you can edit and memorize 4 HOTCUE point for each song, at the beginning of the chorus as an example ... During the game, you can play the piece from those points with a simple click. So, the chorus starts when the point is awarded ! Let the crowd singing...

- The integrated jingle machine allows you to click on the J1 to J20 buttons (keys F1 to F10 and alt+F1 to alt+F10 with keyboard) to broadcast sounds, pictures and video.

Refereing :

- Average times and best response times are available to decide between teams.

- Buzzers are bright and change state depending on the progress of the game: - green : waiting for buzz ! - flashing: it's yours ! - red : locked...

MCQ / QUIZ* mode :

- All participants can answer A, B, C or D ! With one click you can validate the points for those who gave the right answer !

* QUIZ MODE available with quizMAKER option

On the show :

- ENJOY iZiMiX manages dual screen display : on main screen, for the MC : the game itself. On 2nd screen, for the audience : the scores ranked in real time, who hits his buzzer and the confirmation of the right answers ...

- ENJOY iZiMiX is playing video (mp4) on 2nd screen. The features (playlist, cue, etc ...) are the same as for music !

Various functions are available according to the versions.

Let's play !!!

Here, 8 teams compete !

An song from ACDC is playing... The BLUE team was already locked, due to a wrong answer.

The YELLOW buzzer is hited at 10 ``9. It blinks and other ones turn to red (locked). Playback is stopped automatically.

Our MC asks the YELLOW team ``Who's singing ?``

- Answer is good : he gives points to this team by clicking on the GREEN BUTTON ``OK`` and song is played back to the chorus...
When ready, just one click to start the next track and automatically unlock all the buzzers (green)...

- Answer is wrong: THE RED BUTTON restarts the playing. Buzzers of the other teams are unlocked and can try to answer...

Don't forget !

3 game modes are available:

1 - Blind Test (aka RUSH mode) : this is the main ! Music or video, the fastest takes the hand ...

2 - MCQ : The MC says a question. Everyone got 10`` to answer A, B C or D. Those who answered well scored points !

3 - QUIZ : questions, answers, associated media (image, sound, video) are displayed on the second screen ... Answer good to score !

ENJOY iZiMiX is fully compatible with Enjoy BUZZERS !

Up to 50 buzzers...

With the remote control, available as an option, main functions of the software are remotely controllable. So, the MC can walk from table to table to do the show and manage everything alone !

Contents of the package:
- 1 software license (for 2 computers)
- 1 user manuel
- a pack of jingles : sounds and pictures

Needed :
- 2 or 50 enjoy buzzers B215 or B303
- 1 receiver
- 1 remote (optionnal)

ENJOY iZiMiX supports XP, W7, W8, W10

buzzer HF Enjoy iZiMiX
READY TO USE with Enjoy Technology B215 buzzers, Dome, Tower, Cube, Mage 0 and B303 buzzers.

Up to 50 buzzers !

Wireless !

3 games mode !

* What is QUIZ mode ?

QUIZ mode is an advanced version of the MCQ mode and relies on the quizMAKER module (optionnal) for design your own quiz :

- In MCQ mode, this is a simple ABCD vote but questions must be spoken by the MC.

- In QUIZ mode, questions, proposed answers and associated media (JPG, MP3 or MP4) are displayed on the 2nd screen!

For each question in your QUIZ, you can choose:

- ABCD mode or RUSH mode
- the question
- 2 to 4 answers and the correct answer
- number of points awarded
- locations, fonts, sizes, colors of texts
- associated media (without, picture, sound, video), size and display position...

iZiMiX, Enjoy buzzers and Enjoy Technology are trade marks.